The Kothavalas


Siasp obtained a B.Sc in agriculture in 1952, and made a career as a tea and coffee planter. Having achieved professional success working with major companies and rising to General Manager, he took premature retirement in 1972. Looking for new challenges, along with his wife Zerene, he took the bold step of setting up Bamboo Banks Farm in a secluded and beautiful environment. It did not take them long to realize that others would love the beauty and peace they had found around them, and that they could provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for visitors and travelers who might want to share it, and so the guest house was born in 1974.

Siasp was brought up in different camps across the country as his father was a Collector during the pre-independence years. At a tender age, he was introduced to wildlife and game shooting which is the foundation of his vast knowledge of the jungle. His love for the wild grew with age, ultimately seeing a reversal of roles, from hunter to conservationist. Siasp will enthrall you with his experiences and insight of not only the jungle but on almost any subject!

His wife Zerene was brought up in a family replete with legal luminaries with a convention for patronizing the

arts and social causes. Her upbringing in a cultured home with a tradition of hospitality and a love for culinary delights ensured her success as a homemaker for Siasp and their children. Zerene passed away in 2007, but her legacy lives on in Bamboo Banks. Her passion for gardening and interior design shaped the landscape, grounds and buildings on the farm, and she established the continuing tradition of culinary excellence in the kitchens.

Siasp now runs the guest house with the assistance of his son Zerasp and daughter Shahanaz.

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