Bamboo Banks Farm - Guest house near Mudumalai


The Guest House has 7 cottages of which 3 are detached and 2 units of of twin cottages .


The cottages are well appointed with fully furnished bedrooms, attached bathrooms with western style lavatories and running hot and cold water. All the cottages are Air conditioned and has a fridge, kettle for making of tea/coffee, water filter, cable /Satellite TV and Wi-Fi.

The Cottages are a little distance away from the main house and from each other so maximum privacy is assured. Each Cottage is different in its design and furnishing so that a rural and "Back to Nature" ambience is created with all modern facilities and conveniences.


Acacia and Jacaranda Twin Cottages

The Acacia and Jacaranda adjoining cottages have a view of the Nilgiris Hills and are for those families or friends who want to stay together.

Acacia and Jacaranda Twin Cottages
Acacia and Jacaranda Sitting Room
Acacia and Jacaranda Bed Room
Acacia and Jacaranda Verandah
Acacia and Jacaranda Room
Acacia and Jacaranda Outside
Jacaranda Outside Sitting Area
Jacaranda Main Bedroom
Acacia and Jacaranda Room


The Annexe is located close to the reception and dining areas and is ideally suited for the elderly and for those who wish to walk less than 30 yards for their meals.

Annexe Exterior
Annexe Main Bed Room
Annexe Small Bed Room
Annexe TV Room

Annexe Exterior

Annexe Main Bedroom

Annexe Sitting Room

Annexe Extra Bedroom

The Cottage

The Cottage has a magnificent view of the Nilgiri Hills, with a comfortable sitting room. The sitting room has two additional beds for Children.

The Cottage
The Cottage Main Bed Room
The Cottage Sitting Room
The Cottage Verandah
The Cottage Exterior
The Cottage outside
The Cottage Main Bedroom
The Cottage Room

Brick House

The Brick House, left in the unplastered building style gives the "village" flavor to your holiday. This cottage is large and airy and has a smaller room inside with two extra beds for children.

Brick House
Brick House Main Bed Room
Brick House Small Bed Room
Brick House Exterior
Brick House Sitting Area
Brick House Main Bedroom
Brick House Bedroom

Stone House

The Stone Houses 1 and 2 are exactly that twin cottages built entirely from local granite. It is the most secluded and is surrounded by gardens and greenery.

Both the cottages have a connecting door in case a large family or friends want to stay together

Stone House
Stone House Main Bed Room
Stone House Sitting Room
Stone House Exterior
Stone House Sitting Area
Stone House Main Bedroom
Stone House Bedroom

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