Wild Life in Mudumalai - Wildlife Resorts in Mudumalai

  • Elephant, Gaur (Bison), Wild Boar and Sloth Bear
  • Sambar, Chital (Spotted Deer), Black Buck, Mouse Deer (Chevrotain), Four Horned Antelope and Barking Deer (Muntjac)
  • Tiger, Leopard, Jungle Cat and Small Indian Civet Cat
  • Giant (Malabar) and other Squirrels
  • Common Langur and Bonnet Macaque
  • Peacock, Jungle Fowl, Partridge, Quail, Malabar Tragon, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Wodpeckers, Crested Hawk and Crested Serpent Eagles and several varieties of birds
  • Monitor Lizard and various types of Snakes
  • Porcupine, Mongoose and Hare
  • Hyena, Jackal and Dhole (Wild Dog)

Cow Elephant with Calves
The National Bird in all his glory
Spotted Deer
Leopard (Panther)
Blue Tailed Bee Eater
Wild Boar
Bison (Gaur)
Malabar Squirrel
Feeding time
Black Buck
Dragon Fly
Barking Deer

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